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Mission Statement: to show leadership in gear product production through creating stable, safety and highly efficient power transmission equipments.


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Quality Assurance
  We have strict quality control system. 
  Most of our product is supplied to OEM & ODM customers.
  Free repire or replacment within 1 year guarantee period.
  Good reputation in the market.
Customer Support
  Mechnical / Electric / Hydraulic engineers are avaiable.
  New design for power transmission unit is free.
  Detailed technical specification & drawing are open to customer.
   Solution always is passed to customer in 1-3 working days.
Special Offers
  M.O.Q. for customized product is 1 unit.
  Competitive price for batch orders.
  Available stocking of spare parts for long-term cooperator.
  Repairing & maintaince service for old product under other brand.



We provide not only products, but also provide good services.


Shanghai Orbit Trading Co,, Ltd.

Shanghai Orbit Trading Co., Ltd. is import & export company belonged to Zhejiang Zhuerna Machinery Co., Ltd. who is a leading manufacturer of gear products in China. "HUANYU" has been a famous brand for gearbox, geared motors and heavy-duty industrial planetary gearbox, which are widlely accepted for replacing similar product from Europe, such as SEW, ROSSI, Brevini, Bongfigloili etc.



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    How to reduce gearbox's running noise

    The two main factors: the traditional measure of the performance of gear load capacity and fatigue life, and transmission noise and transmission accuracy is often ignored. With ISO14000, ISO18000 two standards promulgated control gear transmission noise importance of this factor has become more evident, industrial development and demand have become increasingly stringent requirements of the transmission error in the high-precision equipment (rack and pinion backlash). Known gear noise shaping factors, can be analyzed from the aspects of design, manufacture, installation, use and maintenance.
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Zhejiang Zhuerna Machinery Co., Ltd. / Shanghai Orbit Trading Co, Ltd.

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